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Ambulance Girls Under Fire

The Hon. Celia Ashwin is young, beautiful, upper-class – and a volunteer ambulance driver at the Bloomsbury Auxiliary Ambulance Depot. Cool under fire, she revels in her exciting and extremely dangerous job.

When her husband, a notorious fascist, is released from prison, rather than return to her unhappy marriage Celia joins forces with Simon Levy, a man who appears to despise her and all she stands for, to uncover the truth of her husband’s treachery. In so doing, she discovers that one ruthless traitor can be more dangerous than any German bomber, and that love knows no boundaries of class, race or upbringing…

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This title will be released on January 25, 2018.

Interview today is with Biddy Cox, who at the tender age of 17 joined the London Fire Brigade as a Driver at the height of the bombing known as the Blitz in World War II.

As the haunting sounds of the air raid sirens echoed around London and its population headed for the relative safety of the bomb shelters, the 17-year-old Biddy had to race around London running the nightly ordeal of bombs raining down all around her to get the injured Londoners to a hospital.

As the war grind slowly on Biddy managed to get transferred to the Far East, where she joined the SOE, as part of Special Operations Executive working with military James Bond types. Where she met her future husband who was a SOE agent working behind Japanese enemy lines.

An Interview With Biddy Cox

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