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World War I Facts – Secrets of World War I
During the Interwar period, the War was known by a variety of names in English-speaking countries.

Besides being called the World War and the Great War,which were the most common names, it was also referred to merely as The War, or The War in Europe,the War of Nations,the 1914 War,or some variation on these and other names. Occasionally different names were used interchangeably within a single work, as in a Time article from 1924.

After the onset of the Second World War in 1939, the terms World War I or the First World War became standard, with British and Canadian historians favouring the First World War and Americans World War I.

The notion that the “World War” was merely the first in a series was not a new idea at the time, however; it was first introduced in September 1914 by German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel, who claimed that “there is no doubt that the course and character of the feared ‘European War’ … will become the first world war in the full sense of the word.”

The First World War was the title of a 1920 history by the officer and journalist Charles à Court Repington. In France and Belgium, the war was sometimes referred to as La Guerre du Droit (the War for Justice) or La Guerre Pour la Civilisation / de Oorlog tot de Beschaving (the War to Preserve Civilisation), especially on medals and commemorative monuments.

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