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1941 London German Blitz Bombing Fire Fighter Old Historical Photograph – Various Sizes Reprint (Kitchen)

This photograph shows bomb damage during German “blitz,” raid on London. View of Ludgate Hill showing firemen and burnt out building, 1941.

The photograph is printed using Epson premium glossy archival paper (260 gsm). The detail on the final product is excellent.

Our photographs originate from the National Archives, various federal archives as well as state and city historical archives here in the Pacific Northwest and our own collection of vintage and antique photographs and maps. Additionally, we have agreements to reproduce privately held items. In most instances we scan the photographs, maps or negatives at 800+dpi and produce a digital file that is used for producing prints.

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70th Anniversary of World War II Bombing Blitz of London

“It was a good three weeks after the Blitz started, and some-times we had no gas. And then we’d come home and we found we had no water. And we used to have to run around all the places
where the roads were up, and perhaps there’d be just a little trickle running right through and we used to ask the man that was there whether it was all right to drink. And he says: ‘Oh, yesf So we
used to get a bucket and take a little mug, and put it in and 11 the bucket up. And then there’d be another poor old soul come along, and she says: Is the water all right, ducks, do you think it’ll
be all right? Do you think well be able to get our dinner in the oven in time, before the gas goes off again? 7 And I used to say: ‘Oh yes, dear, don’t worry.’ So she says: 1 don’t know, every time
I start to get me dinner in the oven, so the blessed warning goes *And she says * off goes the gas again, into the shelter again, and then we come back again ‘ And then she says: * and there’s the
dinner all spoilt, and if you’d happened to forget to turn the gas off, well,’ she says, ‘your dinner was absolutely done for/ she says, ‘and bang’s gone your rations again.’