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Golden Stool – Part One | Anansekrom TV


“Golden Stool” is a two-part Nigerian produced feature length film, shot on location in Ghana, West Africa Distributed by A.A. Productions and Ace Media in Ghana. The film dramatizes the mystical history of the Asante people’s prized spiritual possession, The Golden Stool.

“The Golden Stool for the People of Ashanti is their spiritual symbol. Covered with pure gold, it flew out from the sky in thick cloud of white dust and rested on the knees of Osei Tutu I who united the Ashanti Kingdom. This happened on a famous Friday at a gathering of chiefs from Ashanti and was made possible by an intelligent and powerful fetish priest, Okomfo Anokye.

“This Golden Stool is never allowed to touch the ground. When a new Ashanti King is enstolled, he is merely lowered and raised over it three times without touching it. Whenever the golden stool is taken out on special occasions, the Asantehene follows it.

The Ashantis have never lost the Golden Stool and it serves as an enduring symbol of their culture. It has also helped to keep the Asante people as one people.

“Tradition also has it that, this stool contained the spirit of the Asante people. Just as a man could not live when his soul is departed, so the Asante people would disappear from history if ever the Golden stool were taken away from them.

“On the advice of the Fetish Priest Okomfo Anokye, Osei Tutu I also established the great annual festival called Akwasidae (or Odwira). On the occasion of this festival, all the Asante kings assemble at Kumasi and renew their allegiance to the Golden Stool and their loyalty to the Asantehene.”


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