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London, Spring 1941. Columns of Wehrmacht soldiers make their way along the Mall, swastikas hang from Buckingham Palace and Junkers scream low overhead – a potent symbol of Nazi victory. The Germans have conquered the capital. Churchill and his government have gone into hiding… It’s a chilling picture: What would the Nazis have done if they had conquered Britain?

Filmed in England and using Allied and German documents, blueprints, and archive film, this two-part documentary – covering both occupation and resistance – answers one of the most intriguing questions in history. And, for the first time ever, Britain’s plans for defense are unveiled as cameras explore Churchill’s secret wartime citadel and archaeologists unearth top-secret bunkers and tunnels.

The War on Our Doorstep: London’s East End and How the Blitz Changed it Forever

London’s East Enders are known for being a tough, humorous and lively lot. In the early 20th century, families crowded into single rooms, children played on the streets, and neighbors’ doors were never locked in case you needed an escape route from the police. World War IIĀ changed everything. During the Blitz, men set off for work never to return and rows of houses were reduced to rubble overnight. Yet the East Enders’ ability to keep calm and carry on cemented their reputation for cheerful resilience. They say Hitler killed off the bugs but, along with the slums, the Blitz destroyed a way of life. After the war families were scatteredā€”some to estates on the edge of London, others to isolated high-rise blocks. The old East End communities were gone forever. Told by the residents themselves, The War on Our Doorstep is an eye-opening, moving, and laugh-out-loud depiction of what it means to be an East Ender.